Who would create a high quality Swiss Made timepiece during the smart watch revolution? Me. Hope it inspires you!

Aloha Logo Blue 1920 x 330_edited_edited

The triangles (deltas) were added to ALOHA to represent change. On my life journey one of the most important things I've learned is compassion is one of the keys to true happiness. This change in my thinking and desire to live with the aloha spirit have helped me become a better person while helping others which brings me a deep sense of joy. We hope our timepieces inspire you to consider being more compassionate, live with the aloha spirit, and bring you joy!

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Donated Timepieces

Limited Edition Dark Rhodium Dial Donated September 9, 2019
This limited edition timepiece helped the Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation raise $25,000 for a school bus for GRACE Nanana, a rescue center in Kenya where Maasai girls can escape the illegal but still practiced customs of early marriage and female genital mutilation in order to pursue education.