Automatic GMT Watch Alternatives

For those of you contemplating a GMT watch purchase thought it might be helpful to provide a basic guide of some alternatives you may want to consider and where the GMT 40 fits in the mix. For the purposes of this post will focus on automatic watches with at least an ETA or Sellita movement with a similar styling so watches with bezels are not included. Let's start with the higher end brands.

These watches range from $4,600 to $7,900 retail and can be found from about $4,000 to $6,000 pre-owned depending on the condition. With these you'll get an independently adjustable hour hand which makes it faster to adjust the time when you travel and an in house movement with more power reserve. These are nice features, but tend to make the movement and watch a little bit thicker. For example the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT and Grand Seiko GMT are 13-14 mm thick which adds a bit of bulk to the watch.

There is a pretty big jump from these to the next level down which may include watches like these from Hamilton, Longines, and Frederique Constant who aim to be affordable Swiss made watches.

These range in price from $1,130 to $1,795 retail and can be found for $500 to $1,000 in the pre-owned market. These typically have standard ETA GMT automatic movements. The Longines and Frederique Contstant have water resistance of only 50M. With these you'll have to change the time then GMT hand when traveling which can take a little more time. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler is by far the best value in this category if you like the looks.

Here are some from new companies that are emerging. These guys, like me, offer a unique style and/or higher quality product in order to compete with the established Swiss companies and sell directly to the consumer.

These range from $1,430 to $1,650 and can be harder to find pre-owned since there aren't as many produced. The Farer (sold out) and Ming (sold out) have a "top grade" movement which is more finely tuned and has upgraded components for shock resistance. These are all powered by the ETA 2893-2 or Sellita SW 330-1. That means a bit of additional time adjusting the watch when you travel as compared to the more expensive options, but a thinner watch.

GMT 40 Value Proposition

The GMT 40 is one of the cleanest (but still functional) inner GMT designs ever made. It has the looks of watches that cost 4 times more, better or equivalent specs and more practical features than any comparable watch currently available.

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