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Outstanding quality and value

Had gotten the Kona with the gradient enamel dial. Utterly stunning and incredible value for the design, specs, and finishing. Classic styling yet also incredibly fun and unique. The coolest GMT watch out there, in my opinion. If you're looking for a GMT that is at once elegant and audacious, this is the one.


Dean Kawabata

Best Watch I've Ever Owned

My brother bought me the GMT Black. This watch is sporty yet elegant. It is a watch to be worn on any occassion. This watch is awesome and I highly recommend Aloha watches for anyone who is looking for a solid quality watch! Mahalo!



Amazing watch created by an amazing guy!

I had the pleasure to meet Spencer at the MicroLux show in Chicago last summer. At that time the gradient dial GMT was still just a prototype. Spencer was amazing and so was the watch, even as a prototype. Needless to say we linked up via IG and I pre-ordered my watch which I am in love with. It is breathtaking, I absolutely love everything about this watch. I find myself looking at the dial all the time. The gradation of color on the dial is to die for. The pop of orange on the GMT and second hand is the best. The sweep of the second hand is beautiful and the watch keeps time perfectly. I can't say enough good things about this company, timepieces and owner!!!

Do yourself a favor a buy an Aloha watch right now!


Kostis (Greece)

The Gradient

Just received my Gradient (009). It’s really great, couldn’t expect less, after the discussion I had with Spencer!
This guy is amazing, I hope he succeeds with his effort.
Aloha and Kalispera from Greece


Ryan C.


What a terrific watch, Spencer. I just picked up my Blue Sunburst and as a long time collector I am incredibly impressed with the quality and detail exhibited by your inaugural piece. The richness of the color on the dial is a pleasure to look at and your choice of leather makes the watch very comfortable on the wrist from the moment you put it on. Can’t wait to see what you come up with as an encore!



Pull the trigger on this one guys! Awesome quality, mesmerizing dial, great every day watch.

Being an early adopter/recipient of this watch, about 4 months now, I've spent quite a bit of time enjoying the watch. First, based on the quality of the product you'll receive if you purchase this watch, the price tag is on point, of course anyone would love to see it at a lower price, but honestly, is anything worth "desiring" cheap? The things that stand out, for me, that justify the price point, for a microbrand watch; here are ten:
1) the case and case finishing are well done, this will be noticeable, when you compare to other available microbrands, and is likely very comparable to other Swiss pieces in your collection.
2) the dial is mesmerizing, and changes its appearance under different lighting conditions, as well as from the angle you are viewing the watch from.
3) the lume is amazing, very easy to read at night, definitely lasts through the sleeping hours and is still glowing bright when you wake-up in the morning.
4) the selection of the B&R bands strap pairs nicely, and over the past 4 months, has broken-in well.
5) the accuracy...yup, its definitely well regulated.
6) the see through case back places the custom rotor, finishing/brushing, and blued screws in full view for you viewing pleasure.
7) gotta love small companies such as Aloha, Spencer, the owner, is a great guy, makes you want to support his new venture with a purchase of one of his timepieces.
8) its a great size watch for most wrists/wrist sizes, as an every day wear watch, as its look will suit a variety of occasions. But, its so nice, you definitely wouldn't want to beat it up - this is NOT a beater watch.
9) If you've been to Hawaii, you'll understand the connection to Aloha, with this watch, and the watch company that Spencer has developed, and I know that anyone purchasing a mircobrand watch will always wonder whether a company will even be around in 24 months to honor the warranty of the watch. I have no doubt that Aloha will be around to honor support/service of this watch, but honestly guys, its unlikely you'll need to contact them for support, as I am sure this watch will hold up nicely throughout the warranty period and beyond.
10) the GMT function and hour hand function well, and is easily legible on quick glance. The circular date window and date wheel are also highly legible, and are not after thoughts, and you can tell, immediately, that every element of the watch holds a clear vision, and exudes quality.



Awesome Watch

I’ve only had the watch for a few months and have had a few watch geeks comment about the watch. I let them inspect the watch and they’re always impressed. The thing that always gets them is the price. They’re shocked because they expected to pay 4x for the quality and movement.

I like the fact that I got a high quality time piece and had the ability to speak with the designer / maker of the watch. Unique experience and I’m happy with the purchase. I’m happy to support a company like Aloha vs buying another Rolex or Breitling.


Michael V

Watch Guy

I've had watches from many of the premium brands, including Tudor, Breitling and Rolex. My GMT 40 from Aloha watches is now one of my favorite watches that I have ever owned. The styling, quality and performance are remarkable. Thanks for making a beautiful, accurate and super comfortable watch. What an amazing value.



The really smart watch

A few years ago I switched from my "old" mechanic to a brand new smartwatch. I started counting every step I took. But this is just the surface. After meeting Spencer and understanding what the Aloha Watch really is, the decision was easy: Stop measuring and start experiencing. Every time I look at this watch, time stops. I feel the energy flowing, and it helps me focus on the task at hand. Thank you Spencer for reminding me every day how precious time (and life) is.



Awesome Watch

Guys . I couldn't be more impressed with my Aloha Watch. From the Dial to the strap, and movement, You will not be disappointed. Highly recommend this watch to all. 3 thumbs up